The Memphis is a fabulous upholstery collection.  It looks like unbuckle leather but is actually fabric. This suite is a must for those who desire ultimate comfort and style. Fixed and recliner options are available in the settees, whilst the chairs and corner group come with recliners only. This new fabric that feels like suede dresses each piece to perfection allowing gentle lumber rolls and head rests to form effortlessly offering optimum relaxation. Please note that all these pieces come separately so there is no problem when delivering.

3 SEATER        length  2070mm        width  990mm         height  990mm

2     ”                      ”        1510mm            ”        990mm            ”         990mm

CHAIR                  ”        900mm            ”        990mm             ”         990mm

CORNER              ”      4310mm            ”        990mm             ”         990mm

Delivery is only £20 direct to your room and displayed.